Bad to the Bone signed paperback

Bad to the Bone signed paperback


Signed by Verlene only.


Bad boys: We love to hate them, but sometimes, we just can’t help but love them. 

You’ll get a mixture of genres from the eleven authors that took part in this anthology. Some will have the contemporary pieces you love, while others are packed full of suspense. But then we have the darker stories, the ones that will make you view the world a bit differently. 

The question is – do you love a bad boy? 

We know you do, take a dive in and meet them.


Verlene's Story - Unexpected hero


When Rachel quit waiting for a hero, she saved herself.


After a decade of surviving an abusive relationship, she wanted more than survival; she wanted to live. With careful plotting and a damn near perfect plan, she freed herself from the tyrant she fell for at eighteen. Tony had been the ultimate bad-boy dream but quickly turned into her living nightmare.


To move forward with her new life, she had to stop looking behind her…except to check for Vin, a ruthless enforcer, but also the only man she fantasized about.


Vin was fed up with his life of bloodshed…sick of being Tony’s deadly right hand. He’d been powerless to leave because of his brother’s girl. He stayed for her, secretly doing everything he could to lessen her abuse, but when she died, nothing in his life mattered.


Vin is nobody’s fucking hero, but he wished he could’ve been Rachel’s. He felt dead inside but still compelled to make amends, which brought him face-to-face with his past and future.


Sometimes you have to save yourself to discover an unexpected hero.

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