Be Supportive Signed Paperback + Character Scented Wax Melts

Be Supportive Signed Paperback + Character Scented Wax Melts


Paperback copy of Ryder Hard, signed by author Verlene Landon, and the corresponding character scented wax melts.


Character scents are custom blended by the author to match your favorite book couples.


Melt in your wax melter while reading for an immersive experience.


(*•.¸ ☀¸.•*´)


Best friends for the past two years, Josh and Cait have shared everything with each other—except for sharing a bed. But Josh wants more than a friendship, he wants a relationship and all that goes along with it—her body and her love.

Cait adores her bestie, Josh. Their friendship means everything to her, but she’d have to be dead not to notice how incredibly sexy he is. The idea of a no-strings-attached arrangement seems ideal. She can have her cake and eat it too.

Is a friends-with-benefits relationship the perfect way for them both to get what they want

Sometimes redefining the boundaries of friendship by adding a little down and dirty can be just what’s needed to break out of the friend zone.


(*•.¸ ☀¸.•*´)

Intended for mature readers.



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