Room 15: The Last Resort Motel

Room 15: The Last Resort Motel


They had always been R & B, the couple most likely to make out in the back of a theater and make it to their golden anniversary. But their “perfect” relationship had just been a mirage, and when their future evaporated like water in the Nevada desert, they went their separate ways. Yet neither ever really moved on.

Now they’re just Rayna and Benton, two people doing a favor for each other in the name of the good times they once shared. When fate steps in and thrusts them together at a roadside motel—it’s divine intervention. However, neither knows how to start heading forward while leaving the past behind them.

With the help of a lonely Nevada highway, a broken drive shaft, a room with one bed, and two meddling motel owners, can a couple meant to be together but dragging some pretty hefty baggage get a second chance at first love?

Visit The Last Resort Motel, your one stop for romance, mystery, suspense, and even the paranormal.

12 rooms. 12 authors. 12 unique stories.

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