Ryder Hard Signed Paperback + Character Scented Wax Melts

Ryder Hard Signed Paperback + Character Scented Wax Melts


Paperback copy of Ryder Hard, signed by author Verlene Landon, and the corresponding character scented wax melts.


Character scents are custom blended by the author to match your favorite book couples.


Melt in your wax melter while reading for an immersive experience.

(*•.¸ ☀¸.•*´)

What would you do if your weekend tryst turned your encounter into a best-selling novel and movie? 

Well, if you're Trevor Dickson, son of legendary porn stars and a former child actor, you audition for it, of course.

Ryder—Trevor’s go-to alias—helped him maintain a no attachments lifestyle. Not to mention, escape his parents’ infamy . . . and his own. A lifestyle he’d always enjoyed until he spent one amazing weekend with a woman who he wanted to know him as Trevor. 

What better research for an erotic romance novel is there than a weekend of passion using fake names and no phone numbers?

Tangela Webber wanted to be the biggest thing to hit the book world since e-readers. 

Tangie got more than she bargained for. Fame came swiftly, and her debut novel was being made into a movie. She knew her anonymity wouldn’t last forever. She just never expected it to end when her real-life muse walked in to read for the leading role.

Who better to play that part than the original Ryder Hard?

(*•.¸ ☀¸.•*´)

Intended for mature readers.

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