Unmistakably Us (Imagine Ink Series, #5)

Unmistakably Us (Imagine Ink Series, #5)


Denial is a powerful thing, but love will have its due.

January is beauty and grace with the vocabulary of a sailor. She’s been the model daughter for years, burying her hopes and dreams under a mountain of family obligations and skeletons.

Shaking her ass for truckers in a dive strip club is her one rebellious act. But now it’s time to pack up her school-girl costume and pay the price to protect her big sister.

A payment she was willing to make without question…before Logan.

Logan blows into town with a chip on his shoulder and a pretty heavy secret. He learned young that family ties mean little more than broken bones and bullshit.


He’s survived on his own this long and has no desire to change that.
He isn’t looking for love, family, or even acceptance, but he finds all that and more.


While he’s still trying to understand that he can be loved for who he is, January bolts like a rabbit.

Now he has a choice to make, keep moving on or find January and put down roots.

Even when you turn a blind eye, true love is unmistakable.

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